Mutual Russian and Ukrainian bombing leaves deaths and injuries


Ukraine was again targeted Friday by Russian missiles that hit a clinic in Dnipro, where at least two people were killed, which Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky denounced as a crime against humanity.

In Moscow, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed the conflict in Ukraine with Chinese special envoy Li Hui, who had visited Kiev last month.

Lavrov stressed that Russia hopes for a political settlement, but “Ukraine and its Western supporters are putting serious obstacles to the resumption of peace negotiations”.

For the fifth day in a row, Russia reported Ukrainian bombing of the Russian border region of Belgorod, in addition to bombing by drones in Krasnodar, 200 km from Crimea.

“There are 30 wounded, including two children,” said Dnipro governor Sergei Lysak.

Three people are still missing and may have been there,” he said, adding that two men were killed in the bombing.

For his part, the Ukrainian president posted photos showing partially destroyed buildings, from which plumes of black smoke rose.

Other videos showed rescuers helping people with bloodied faces leave the clinic through rubble-strewn corridors.

“A new Russian missile attack, a new crime against humanity,” Zelensky added.

In a related development, the Civil and Military Administration of the Ukrainian capital reported a Russian bombardment, confirming that all missiles were intercepted and destroyed.

The administration announced on its Telegram account, “A new air attack on Kiev is the thirteenth in a row since the beginning of May, and as every time during the night”.

“A strategic bombers Tu-95MS coming from the Caspian Sea dropped cruise missiles,” according to preliminary information, it detected and destroyed all hostile targets in Kiev’s airspace.

In its morning briefing, the Ukrainian Chiefs of Staff reported 55 Russian air attacks during the past day, 36 of them by explosive drones, and 4 by missile attacks.

The Russian Army confirmed that it had carried out night strikes on Ukraine, saying it had targeted munitions storage sites and hit all identified sites.

In addition, Ukraine asked Germany to supply it with “Taurus” cruise missiles.

A spokeswoman for the German Defense Ministry said on Friday that they had received a request to do so from the Ukrainian side in the past few days.

The spokeswoman didn’t give any other details about the letter, such as the number of missiles that Kiev is requesting.

The German Christian Democratic Party’s defense expert, Roderich Kiesewetter, recently called for the delivery of German “Taurus” missiles to Ukraine.

“Ukraine’s partners must now go ‘to the extreme of their power’ and provide Ukraine with whatever weapons it can use in combat, whatever is permitted under international law,” Kiesewetter told German media network Deutschland.

According to Kizwetter data, these missiles, which have a range of up to 500 kilometers, can be “a very useful contribution from Germany,” adding that cruise missiles will enable Ukraine to “hit the Russian military infrastructure away from the front line,” explaining that the German army has bought about 600 missiles. Of this type ten years ago, noting that there are currently “about 150” missiles ready for use.

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