On Sunday, the head of the Israeli intelligence service (Mossad), David Barnea, threatened to assassinate Iranian Iranian officials and military commanders, in response to Tehran’s attempts to target Israelis, as he put it.

Barnea said in a speech, during the opening of a conference organized by the Israeli Reichman University in Herzliya, on terrorism, Israel should target Iranian commanders.

Barnea said, “It’s time to collect the price from Iran in a different way… Harming Israelis and Jews in any way by an Iranian agent or weapon smuggled into Israel will lead to operations against Iran”.

The head of the Mossad said that Israel thwarted 27 attempts to target Israelis throughout Europe, Africa and South America during the year.

There was no immediate comment from the Iranian side regarding the Israeli threats and allegations.

Barnea added, “These operations will include the highest levels of leadership in Iran”.

He continued, “It mean that, these prices will be collected deep inside Iran, even in the heart of Tehran, to those who sent these cells; Rest assured that we will reach out to you, and justice will be done for all to see”.

Last June, Israel announced that Cyprus had thwarted an attack by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard that was planned to be carried out against Israelis on the island.

The statement, which included Barnea’s statement, was attached to a list that included pictures and names of a number of leaders whom Israel claimed were behind the operations targeting Israelis, led by the Iranian government’s Minister of Intelligence, Ismail Khatib, and the Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guard, General Hossein Salami.

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