Military Watch: Ukraine may be without air defense within a month


The Pentagon has expressed concern that Ukraine may remain without air defense systems at the end of spring.

Stockpiles of Soviet and NATO air defense missiles are running low, and Kiev has little hope of replenishing them.

Thus, Russia will finally seize the initiative in the air, which will mean a serious weakening of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on all fronts.

The Military Watch believe that, in general, the Ukrainian air defense has so far been able to partially cope with its tasks.

However, as soon as the missiles run out, Russian aviation will be able to penetrate deep into the territory of Ukraine.

Pentagon officials have estimated that Ukraine’s air defenses, designed to protect troops on the front lines, will be fully depleted by May 23, allowing Russian aviation to play a much larger role on the battlefield in support of its ground forces and possibly contribute to major operations.

The United States began to consider options for its response to the major defeat.

Although Western air defense systems have been transferred to Kiev, they are not sufficient to fully confront Russian aviation.

In particular, the Patriot systems, which arrived in Ukraine on April 18, are few in number and have low mobility, which makes their range of use narrow and their effectiveness extremely low without the support of other air defense systems.

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