Military Watch: The Russian Su57… The most dangerous Russian weapons


Military Watch magazine said that the fifth-generation Russian fighter, the Su57 considered the most dangerous aircraft in the Russian Air Force and has enormous exceptional powers.

The most dangerous Russian weapons, a dangerous Ukrainian confession about an exciting and amazing modern Russian weapon that cannot be reached or dropped.

It’s most valuable trait and characteristic is its exceptional maneuverability.

The Su57 armed with very powerful R-77M and R-37M air-to-air missiles.

In addition, this fifth generation fighter jet can carry a wide range of different types of cruise missiles, and in the near future it will carry hypersonic missiles.

The Russian army used these modern fighters actively and effectively during the special military operation in Ukraine.

Earlier, Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin announced plans to increase the supply of fifth-generation fighters to the Russian Armed Forces.

The Su57 was developed as a fifth-generation multi-role war fighter to replace the Su27 fighters in the Russian Air Force, and its first flight was in 2010.

These aircraft are considered among the best in the world because of their ability to hide from radars and perform complex air maneuvers that many other fighters are unable to do.

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