Message to Obama

Mr. President Barack Obama, or should I Call you as what Gaddafi used to call you with your real African name ((Baraka Hussein Abu Amamah))!

Allow me to offer you my deep thankful with deep gratitude to your honesty and your superior ability to conduct an inventory of self-criticism and self auditing.

I did not know how I will describe my reaction after I heard and saw your statement on your last television interview with FOX News, when you’ve been asked about the worst mistake you made, and you answered was failing processing and planning for Libya post-Muammar Gaddafi.

I, Mr. President, a Libyan citizen forced to leave my country after witnessing the destruction and devastation and rivalry between its people, I am, Mr. President, left my country Libya, after I saw the country that once was united has become spaced portions separated by seas of blood and political disputes between factions of different political and ideological backgrounds, even in one city in Libya you can see it divided between armed groups, all of which belong to some side, some carrying the new Libyan flag and then the other carries the banner of Islam.

Yes, Mr. President, in Libya we have Daash “Isil” which controls the city of Sirte and other areas, they did not through of Iraq and Syria from while now in Libya, where are you from this and what is exactly you stand?

Your established Embassy was attacked by armed people in Benghazi, killing your ambassador Christopher Stevens and three others, including soldiers from the US Marine Corps.

You say that you fail to plan for after Gaddafi during your intervention like you’ve been put as guardians of Libya and its future and the lives of their children?
Regardless of my position of Muammar Gaddafi and his regime, which lasted for 42 years, punctuated by lots and lots of incidents and stories, I’m not happy with the current status which is reached my country.

Gaddafi’s opponents are many, but I’m sure that any of them today is not satisfied with the outcomes, all the new and current political power in Libya, did not work to achieve political stability, despite its support from the European Union countries, the United States of America, no to overlook the role of a number of Arab countries such as Qatar, which had a lion’s share in the destruction of the country and the loss in all countries of the so-called Arab spring, then Turkey’s Erdogan, which has supported and continues to support the Muslim Brotherhood.

You should be aware, Mr. President, that each country’s history and experience, it is difficult and impossible to apply a plan or a policy so haphazardly without having a plan and those who put them fully aware of the country to be the application of this plan it, Libya is an Arab African country based on its geographical location was a hope for many invaders in the past, since the Romanian Empire, and accepted by the Phoenicians, Hannibal led the way to Islamic rule and the rule of the Ottoman and Italian occupation.

Site of Libya made it the scene of the most important battles in North Africa Front during World War II, it was the gate to Egypt and the Middle East in general, its large area and its population which is relatively small compared to the geographic space, and the discovery of large oil wealth which, made Libya a target and hope to others, returning to the political situation, Libya was governed during and after the Italian occupation by monarchy family which is the Senussi ancient and it continued that way until 1969 in the first of September, when an army colonel at the Libyan Royal military lead coup to overthrow the monarchy system that just as happened previously in Egypt, Yemen and basically whole most of the Arab countries had same scenario of military coups in which Why you wonder?

Why military officers always get intervenes in politics in Arab countries is it a result of lack of maturity of the people and the weakness of the civilian elite’s ability to prove existence, and good management and administration of the state and its resources, and to ensure the security and stability of living for the people.
It is always chaotic civilian collide with the system and discipline of the military establishment in general.

No previous experience in Libya, we can say it is a successful experiment Libya’s past either royal or military rule, how will the present and future will be?

Mr. President, I can talk long and long, but I know that just as you know deep down inside, that what it took place in my country which been done by you and your allies is just a destructive scheme that destroyed Libya and put it in a difficult situation, there is no way of salvation except through the emergence of a strong person who is able to unite and unify Libya again, someone who knows how to run things up, someone holding a sword in one hand and the scales of justice in the other hand, in minimum we are human beings and we are not perfect anyway.

Libya or as were called the Great Jamahiriya leader in Africa, eventually became dismembered her children and they killing each other, the Libyan people have revolted, part of it or more on Gaddafi, and weapons was held up and the war began in Libya, which did not end with killing Gaddafi in this barbaric way that does not reflect the authenticity and ethics of the Libyan Muslim people tolerant even with their enemy.

I was surprised and dazzled when NATO started their air strikes in Libya to support the rebels, I’ve found an armed battalion of rebels calling themselves as the Sheikh of the Mujahideen Omar Mukhtar, who fought Italian colonialism in Libya for more than twenty years and did not back down or surrender until he was been captured during his fighting, later the Italians colonial authorities held a formal trail for him and sentenced him to death by hanging and they thrown his body of a plane, the irony when I saw that rebel battalion, which have the name of Omar Mukhtar, are fighting in Libya against Libyan and backed by Italian fighter plane!

How much time, you need, Mr. President, to realize the size of the tragedy that we got it. Is it to overthrow Gaddafi without knowing how things will be after the fall of his reign, which lasted for nearly a half century, and I don’t have to remind you again that I am not Gaddafi supporter of a fan, even before that happened, Gaddafi was ungainly, checkered and temperamental to the extreme kind of person, but he knew how to run things and believe me he and his regime wouldn’t be fell without outside interference.

As it has been the fate of Saddam Hussein was the fate of Muammar Gaddafi and as is the case of Iraq is the case of Libya today completely.

Syria is another goal to become so too it seems to me & properly god forbid you or the president who’ll came after you, we’ll witness the same say that we’ve fail to plan for later …
For the benefit of whom all this is happening?

I will stop writing and leave those who will read these words to judge, think and speak perhaps to find a stray that I was looking for

My regret goes to my Home Libya with all the sorrow, and shame on you, Mr. Obama

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