Macron dissolves the National Assembly after the heavy loss at the European Parliament elections


French President Emmanuel Macron announced on Sunday evening that he had decided to dissolve the National Assembly, after the announcement of preliminary results in the European elections.

Macron called early legislative elections after his party suffered a heavy defeat in European Parliament elections.

Macron said in an address to the nation from the presidential Elysee Palace, “I have decided to return to you the choice of our parliamentary future through a vote. Therefore, I dissolve the National Assembly”.

He said that voting would be held in two rounds on June 30 and July 7.

The move comes as preliminary results expected from France on Sunday showed the far-right National Rally party leading by a wide margin in the European Union parliamentary elections, beating Macron’s pro-European centrists, according to French polling institutes.

Jordan Bardella, head of the far-right National Rally party, called on Macron to dissolve the National Assembly and organize new legislative elections.

His demand follows preliminary results in a historic victory and his party’s 31.5% of the vote in France.

Marine Le Pen wrote after her party’s victory in the European elections, which is clearly ahead of Valéry Heyer’s Ennahda list.

“By putting the National Rally list on a historic level, the French people have sent a very clear message to the Macronal authority, which is disintegrating, vote after vote, they no longer want to build a technocratic Europe on the ground,” she said in a post on X.

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