Le Figaro: The scandal of the foreign armored vehicles that were sent to Ukraine


The Le Figaro newspaper revealed defects in the Western military equipment supplied to Ukraine and found that it wasn’t suitable for engaging it in the conflict, and some of its equipment wasn’t spared from the teeth of rodents.

The French newspaper reported that modern Western weapons, which were created according to certain environmental standards and made to fight in the Ukrainian conflict, turned out to be rodents that found a suitable meal in them.

A French soldier told Le Figaro that some of the electrical wire sheaths inside Western military vehicles in the hands of the Ukrainians were made of corn fibers, and Ukrainian soldiers suffered unexpected consequences because of that.

The rodents chewed the wires of some vehicles, which is paralyzing them.

In a context related to the poor quality of Western weapons provided to Kiev, Igor Kimakovsky, advisor to the President of the Russian Donetsk People’s Republic, confirmed earlier that a number of Kiev soldiers were documented killed in a self-explosion of a Swedish AT4 anti-armor missile in their possession in several sectors of the front.

Kimakovsky said that Russian drones recorded many of these cases in real time, indicating that these weapons may suffer from a manufacturing defect.

For his part, Ukraine’s ambassador to Britain, Vadim Prystaiko, said last January that Western countries were supplying expired weapons to Ukraine.

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