Kingdom of Saud where to… ?

Anyone who’s following the scene in Saudi Arabia and how things are going, stand floundering on how Saudi Arabia has become and where things are actually heading.

The question about transfer power from the sons of King Abdul Aziz, the founder of the kingdom, to one of their sons’ descendants has become almost conclusive.

For many years, and the world anticipated the arrival of this certain stage to the kingdom.

The names of princes that qualified to reach power were frequent and successive, but in fact the last to be expected was the arrival of one prince who is one of the youngest and least experienced among the qualified princes.

He’s the son of the current King Salman.

His age of doesn’t exceed 32 years, and this young man bear responsibility that even much greater than him was unable handle.

The problem is at this stage, which been reached by Prince Mohammed bin Salman to power, is considered to be one of the most difficult and intensely escalating stages than any time before of the history of the region entirely.

The region is suffering under crises and tragic wars.

Of course, we don’t hide nor deny the role of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in all of what is happening in the region, regardless of that responsibility, there are facts that cannot be overlooked from the Kingdom at this stage.

The economic situation in the Kingdom: It has been said in the past that opportunities and wealth exist in the Gulf region, especially in Saudi Arabia, but that has become a thing of the past.

In fact, there is no more money in the Gulf, especially KSA the Kingdom.

The current general debt of KSA is more than 105 billion USD.

The successive Gulf wars and their consequences, in addition to the crisis of the fall of oil prices, without forgetting the magnitude of corruption in many regimes and the ruling families is now known to all.

Those who follow the history of the Kingdom and princes of House of Saud, realize that the amount of money spent exceeded the United States budget tenfold.

For over more than 70 years trillions of dollars was spent for almost nothing.
It’s known, the United States itself had a large share of that money, and it inherited the region from Britain during the era that oil was discovered in the region in the early 20th century.

The United States receives funds for arms deals with the Gulf States, US military bases in all Gulf states and some energy-related projects, with all Gulf states have money for protection services or as bribes for princes for certain roles related to commercial or military deals.

Successive US officials act as a sales team at a company.

When a company needs money, these US officials go on regular visits to the Gulf to get deals or conclude contracts for Gulf money.

No one of them returns to his country without reaching the target and achieve sales, just like any sales man in any company.

What is funny now is that the United States currently seems to be either without a professional sales team capable of striking deals or in need for more money, so the manager himself came as Trump’s last visit and return back home with huge amount that he earned.

Returning to our young prince who aspires to reach power, obviously he can be sure of the fact of reach power, which already in some way or another, he’s already practicing that power for while now.

It seem like everything is going according to plan, unless something not taken into account happened.

His responsibilities are not easy at all, figures don’t lie and the problems that the kingdom faces are not the kind that simply to dissolves.

Also, the size of enemies is growing turbulently, and the United States cannot be relied on for protection and assistance all the time, even though, it is not for free.

Trump himself in one of his statements in the 90’s described the people in the gulf with some impolite words when he said that ((they are nothing but a sack (he’s marking on the Arabic Thobe/Dishdasha) full of money, once money’s gone only S…t Remains)).

America wants money and more money & tries to spend less as possible on gulf region.

The United States will not spend a dime on the kingdom & the entire gulf without make sure that this dime returns back to their pocket tens of thousands and more.

When you start writing an article about the Kingdom and the current situation, the issues and their consequences, details and secrets begin to flow to you so that the pen does not realize the speed of information flow and stories, from Trump to kingdom’s link to the crisis with Qatar and the stories of ties and schemes that bring the UAE and Saudi Arabia through Iraq, Syria and Egypt to the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and many more without forgetting Yemen (the very Vietnam or Afghanistan of the region).

All these issues intersect in Saudi Arabia; all these issues intersect the young prince and his role.

All these crises will not solve the interests of the Kingdom at all, and time alone can prove this point.

We are still witnessing the arrests and extortion campaigns against members of the royal family as well as prominent figures, businessmen in the Kingdom.

All of them are being blackmailed under the name of fighting corruption.
The fight against corruption is selective however.

The prince is now aware that money is scarce, and the only solution is to do so.

It is true that this procedure is important.

There is a need to reduce the chaos of family members and others, who are each like a small king who does what he wants.

But the problem is with the entire family, and all the dignitaries on the ground are inseparable.

In fact, no can be accused and punished for corruption without many others being held accountable, and finally we’ll find upon us, in front of a whole family corruption.

I have heard about the precepts of the founding King Abdul Aziz Al Saud that he left to his sons.

What I have found shows us the fact that the collapse is coming, not for a reason, but rather that the sons of Saud including the young prince/King have violated those commandments.

In other words, the collapse of the kingdom is a prediction of the founding king himself.

What stopped in front of me from these commandments m are three of them, which tells us about the reality that is ongoing now
1.You shall not share the wealth and business of the Merchants and Businessmen, so they will not involve in your Kingdom Affairs, otherwise the kingdom shall go down and perish.

Has this been observed?

The answer is No

2.Keep the prestige of the family among themselves and in front of the people so you don’t lose power and prestige, otherwise the kingdom will disappear and perish.

Has this been observed?

The answer is No

3.Keep Yemen in good shape and form, because yemen fate linked to yours.

Has this been observed?

The answer is No

There is no confirmation that these commandments are to King Abdul Aziz, but it is useful to restrict them whether to King Abdul Aziz or not.

The big problem in the ruling regimes similar to the royal family in Saudi Arabia is that they don’t realize that the current time we live in is no longer the time when things were going on in the dark.

Whoever looks a little and reads will get piles of scandals and stories that tarnish the reputation of the kingdom and its ruling family members with no exception.

What will go to keep the Kingdom stand and continue its ruling, the necessity to find one of them, if any are available, able to re-examine and deal with the status of the Holy Land for all Muslims around the world?

And restore the wealth to their rightful owners (the entire people on the Arabian Peninsula.

We believe and there is for fact a high level of poverty in the Kingdom, while we see the rulers of the Kingdom spend billions to buy palaces and paintings and yachts and spend nights with international artists and celebrities.

In no way can a non-Muslim person be persuaded to enter Islam when he sees the level and status of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, while the KSA through years was the biggest exporter of very nasty product, which is the Wahhabi Extremism, that brought to the world the global Terrorism which was a very bad publicity for Islam as a religion.

The reality is not stories and imaginations and in our time
There are no secrets.

And there is no chance to hide anything anymore.

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