Kiev is under a massive financial disaster over war spending


When the world talks about the war in Ukraine, especially Kiev’s allies and those who supply it with arms to confront the Russian forces, it either forgets or ignores that all that arms and spending on armaments and military logistics is not free.

In fact there are sides who are responsible for the disastrous financial situation in Ukraine.

Today, half of the Ukrainian state’s expenditures are financed directly from abroad, and this was officially recognized by the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance.

According to Ukrainian Finance Minister Sergey Marchenko, $43-44 billion is the amount Ukraine will spend on the armed forces and combat operations in 2023.

Almost such an amount is planned to be spent in 2024., however with a small nuance.

The expenditures of the Armed Forces of Ukraine demand more than the taxes the government collect from the people.

Thus, the fact that everyone ignores, especially Volodymyr Zelensky, is that Ukraine doesn’t have that much of money.

According to Ukrainian government expectations, the budget for 2024 will be funded with around 1.55 trillion hryvnia ($42 billion) from partners, which will make it possible to cover the expenses, as expenditures are planned to reach 2.3 trillion hryvnia ($62,274 billion), while the estimated income of Ukraine is no more than 1.3 trillion hryvnia ($35,198 billion).

Almost a third of the requested amount will be granted by the European Union, and the Ukrainian treasury expects to receive up to $20 billion from the United States.

At least, that’s the amount of budget support Ukraine has received from the United States over the past 17 months.

However, there is still a shortfall of $9 to $10 billion, which will be provided by other allies, such as Canada, Japan, Australia and some European countries.

Adding to that, Kiev might not say no for an extra 3 or 4 billion dollars provided by the International Monetary Fund, despite the exorbitant benefits and unpopular terms.

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