Josep Borrell: Israel is causing famine in Gaza


European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell said that Israel is using hunger as a weapon by preventing aid from entering the Gaza Strip.

Borrell’s speech came at the Third European Humanitarian Forum held in the capital, Brussels, hosted by the European Commission and Belgium in its capacity as President of the current session of the Union.

Borrell stressed that Gaza is not on the verge of famine, but hunger is already a reality, asking, “So what will we do?”

He added, “We cannot stand idly by and watch the Palestinians die of hunger… what should we do? Because this is not a natural disaster… This is neither a flood nor an earthquake, but entirely man-made… By whom? Let’s say it boldly, by preventing humanitarian aid from entering Gaza”.

Borrell pointed out that hundreds of trucks loaded with humanitarian aid were prevented from entering Gaza, saying, “I came here from Washington and I have the courage to say that… Yes, Israel is behind this hunger”.

He stressed that some might come out denouncing this and asking about the evidence of Israel’s responsibility for the famine in Gaza.

In this regard, he added, “Some may say, ‘How can you say that? What is your evidence? What evidence do I have? Hundreds of trucks are waiting to enter, and it’s absolutely necessary to make the crossing points work effectively and open additional crossing points… This is just a matter of political will, and Israel must do that”.

He explained that the Gaza crossings are closed at a time when people are dying of hunger, and he is surprised that aid is sent by air by parachute instead of sending it by land.

In this context, he said, “There is an airport adjacent to Gaza an hour away… Why don’t we send aid to the airport? Because they don’t allow it… Hunger is used as a weapon… Let us say it boldly, hunger is used as a weapon”.

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