Jordan hosted a Syrian-US meeting few days ago


Syrian opposition sources reported that the past few days witnessed a new meeting between Syrian officials and others from the US administration in the Jordanian capital, Amman.

The discussion also dealt with the sticking points between the two sides, especially the issue of the missing Americans, while the Syrian side called for easing the sanctions.

Both sides know that this path takes a long time to achieve results, especially if it continues to proceed according to a step-by-step formula.

This is an American track as well, and not just a Gulf track, which was expressed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its openness to Damascus and its rapprochement with it.

Meanwhile, fast developments are taking place on the improving Syrian-Saudi relations, as huge cooperation dialogues are ongoing on several sectors, among them the return of mutual flights between the two countries and reopening the embassies.

Sources indicated that the return of the Syrian-Saudi relations could pave the way to settle the situation in Lebanon.

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