Jerusalem Post: Israel isn’t able to confront multiple fronts as before


The Jerusalem Post newspaper said on Tuesday that Israel was, in the past period, able to confront multiple fronts, as happened in 1967 and 1973, but today, Hamas and Hezbollah are stronger.

The Jerusalem Post spoke about the slow progress of the occupation forces against Hamas in Gaza, and the growing fears of the movement gathering its ranks in northern Gaza, are accompanied by its efforts to increase its power in Lebanon, and Hezbollah’s allowing it to threaten Israel from there, in addition to launching thousands of rockets itself since the 7th of October 2023.

The Jerusalem Post recalled the announcement by Hamas political leader in Lebanon, Osama Hamdan this week that “the battlefield isn’t limited to Gaza, and Hamas’ goal is to create a multi-front threat to the occupying entity”.

The Jerusalem Post said that Israel tried to avoid escalation on other fronts and focus on Gaza, however, the mere fact that Hezbollah and Hamas have generated such a formidable threat demonstrates how much they have grown over the past decades.

The Jerusalem Post said that Iran sought to unify the areas and partially succeeded, and that Hezbollah missiles forced Israel to evacuate parts of the north, which is an unprecedented decision.

The Jerusalem Post pointed out that Israel’s attempt to focus on one front, and not be distracted by Yemeni attacks, or be drawn into a major war with Hezbollah, still leaves question marks about what comes next.

The Jerusalem Post said that the success of Israel’s enemies in maintaining this situation for five months is greater than what Israel’s enemies achieved in 1967, 1973 or in any other conflicts, indicating that they don’t appear ready to concede.

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