Jerusalem Post: At the International Court of Justice in The Hague… Genocide accusation is ‘just the beginning’


The Jerusalem Post newspaper considered that South Africa’s accusation of Israel before the United Nations Court of Justice of committing genocide in Gaza is “just the beginning”.

Israeli journalist Rina Bassist said, in her article published on the Jerusalem Post, that Israel arrived at the International Court of Justice in The Hague not sufficiently prepared.

She added, “When I talk about insufficient preparation, I don’t mean that the Israeli legal team didn’t do its duty… On the contrary, under these circumstances, the Israeli legal team performed remarkably well… The six Israeli legal experts remained calm, focused and clear in their arguments”.

She continued, “But the problem is much deeper than that… This is about the irresponsible statements made by Israeli politicians since October 7, the videos and photos filmed by soldiers inside the Gaza Strip, and the warning signs that preceded it, which indicated that South Africa was about to do something”.

She explained this by saying, “South Africa was sending letters to Israel in which it expressed its concern about the humanitarian situation in the Strip and requested to discuss the matter… The South African lawyer claimed that Israel never responded to these letters, and from here the dispute began”.

Malcolm Shaw, who leads the Israeli legal team, commented on South Africa’s claim, saying that Israel responded to the letters, and that it in fact called on Pretoria to open a dialogue regarding Gaza, considering that South Africa is misleading the court.

After watching the well-prepared presentation by the South African team, one can only wonder what awaits Israel in the coming weeks.

It’s not unlikely that complaints will be filed against Israeli military officers and officials at the International Criminal Court, which is also headquartered in The Hague, on charges of committing alleged war crimes in the Gaza Strip.

The article concluded by noting that South Africa may not be behind such complaints, but does it really matter who will be officially behind it?

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