Israeli troops passing through the Syrian borders, with coordination of the Syria opposition fighters

According to Israeli media units of the IDF has penetrated into Syrian territory in an operation that carried out under the name of «infiltrate» into Syrian territory from areas under the control of militant organizations on the border with the occupied territories”.

The IDF unites brought crew from the second Israeli television channel”, where the second channel aired” the video & a report on what it called the “infiltration” carried out by IDF unite & «militants» opposition”.

According to the channel’s report, this process” began after midnight, in one of the nights last week, where the IDF unite went to a hill overlooking to a village controlled by the group of «Jayesh Khalid bin Al-Waled» that is supported by IS «Daesh».

The IDF Unite documented the live ammunition Training near a village controlled by the «armed opposition» groups as an act of intervention to support the operation.

The report of the second Israeli Channel said that the task of the operation is to collect information from the ground regarding positions of all groups that fights in the area & the possibilities of threats on Israel by the IS «Daesh».

Also implanting perhaps eavesdropping equipment that help to gather intelligence info about the nature of the spread of different and conflicting forces in the east of the border fence of the border region, the nature of the used weapons, eavesdrop on calls which rotates between the leaders of these forces to get to know their intentions”.

Many reports inside and outside Israel revealed, that Israel is maintaining links with militant groups fighting in the region, with reference to the regulations referred to by the Israeli army are fulfilled mostly either follow the «Fateh Al-Sham front» (Al-Nusra Front) and «Ahrar Al-Sham» movement.

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