Israeli media: Israel is awaiting an offensive weapons deal to Egypt


Israeli military media highlighted a huge German submarine deal for Egypt that Cairo is preparing to sign soon with Berlin.

According to Tactical Report website and what reported by the Israeli military Israel Defense magazine, the main obstacle of transferring technology to Egypt has been solved.

According to the report, Germany and Egypt are close to signing a new batch of attack submarines, adding that the matter is related to the Egyptian Navy’s efforts to increase its fleet of submarines.

The Israeli military magazine pointed out that Egypt is also in talks with ESPA to purchase military submarines as well.

The magazine said, “Reports from Cairo indicate that the shipyard of the German company ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems has completed the stage of evaluating the Egyptian Navy’s requirements regarding technology transfer (TOT) and the licensing agreement for the follow-on order for the HDW Class 209/1400 mod submarine”.

According to those reports, there is significant progress between the two parties to reach an agreement on the scope of the license requested by Egypt.

In addition, they are about to agree on secret protocols to ensure the protection of attack submarine technologies.

The Israeli military magazine added that sources close to the situation confirmed that the Egyptian Navy is close to ending long-term negotiations to obtain a new batch of HDW Class 209 attack submarines.

Initially, TKMS had proposed another model with lower capabilities, which the Egyptians rejected, and in the end, TKMS agreed to meet Egyptian demands.

According to the same sources, there is a major disagreement within the deal regarding the scope of technology transfer (TOT), as some components inside the submarine require approval from other countries.

The current understanding between TKMS and Egypt indicates that the scope of training for Egyptian naval officers will be much broader compared to the Scorpène-class submarine that France provides to Egypt.

The Israeli military magazine explained that the negotiations were a headache for the Egyptian leadership, and caused great difficulty, because both France and Italy were supposed to agree to transfer that technology.

There is a possibility that TKMS will conclude a deal with the Egyptian Navy before both the French and Italians, and that it may be completed by the third quarter of 2024.

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