Israeli Chief of Staff: We paid a heavy price in the war and lost commanders


Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevi said on Wednesday that Israel paid a heavy price in the recent war and lost commanders and soldiers.

This came in Halevi’s speech during the graduation ceremony of the sailors’ course at the naval base in Haifa, in the presence of Navy Commander David Sa’ar Salami, according to the official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation.

Halevi said, “The Israeli army has been operating at sea, land and air for more than 150 days on several fronts, and every day records important achievements on the way to achieving the goals of the war”.

He added, “In addition to the many achievements in the war, we paid a heavy price in blood and lost commanders and soldiers”.

He pointed out that “controlling the maritime dimension is necessary for Israel’s security, starting with the security of Israeli economic waters, passing through the protection of strategic assets, all the way to harming the enemy’s infrastructure, elements, and naval capabilities in near and far arenas”.

He continued, “Often, the strength of the naval arm is combined with the activity of the ground and air forces, which enables the Israeli army to carry out complex operations”.

Halevi considered that “the joint integration between these arms enhances the qualitative advantage of the Israeli army”.

He explained that “the importance of training during wartime is doubled compared to normal times”.

He touched on the controversy in Israel over the draft conscription law that the government submitted to the Knesset, which exempts religious Haredim Jews from military service.

In this regard, the Chief of Staff said, “Wearing military uniform and performing service is what will ensure that soldiers don’t fall in vain in the war”.

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