Israeli-American human rights activist and writer admit the fact that Israel won’t be able to defeat the Palestinians


Israeli-American activist and writer Miko Peled said that Israel cannot defeat the Palestinians, whether they belong to the Hamas or any other faction.

Peled said in an interview with Turkish Anadolu Agency, “I was born in Jerusalem in 1961 and come from a well-known Zionist family… My father was perhaps the most famous person in the family as he was a general, and my grandfather was one of the signatories to the founding of Israel, and I grew up very patriotic and a great supporter of my country and state and of course Zionism”.

He pointed out that he was greatly influenced by his father’s ideas in the early stages of his life, and that he served in the Israeli army for a period, but later regretted it and left the service.

He continued, “When my father was wearing a military uniform after the Six-Day War (1967), he said: Look, we are not looking for an opportunity now because we are strong… We’re here forever and our existence is no longer in danger… We must allow the Palestinians to have their own small state in a small part of Palestine”.

In the 1967 war, the Israeli army defeated the Arab armies and occupied the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, which was under Jordanian control, the Gaza Strip, which was under Egyptian control, the Sinai Peninsula, and the Syrian Golan Heights.

Peled added, “But no one thought this way… As soon as the war ended, they started building huge cities in East Jerusalem and the West Bank… They eliminated any option that could be implemented to establish a Palestinian state”.

He stated that there is no place called Palestine in the basic philosophy of Zionism, and said, “According to Zionism, this is Israeli land and this land belongs to all Jews in the world, not to the Palestinians who live here”.

He added, “If you have a racist ideology, that is, if you believe that one group has more rights than another group, then you need to use violence… You have to have apartheid for this ideology to be achieved… This is the State of Israel”.

He pointed out that the Israeli-Palestinian war began 75 years ago, not today, and said, “The Zionists as a movement, and then the State of Israel that emerged from this movement, declared war on the Palestinian people… We’ve seen ethnic cleansing and genocide in this war, and we have seen the apartheid system”.

Peled described Israel as a “terrorist state,” and drew attention to the oppression that Palestinians have suffered for years, saying, “Palestinians are exposed to terrorism every day”.

As an example, he said, “When you, as a Palestinian walk down the street, you don’t know whether you will be beaten, stabbed, or killed, or whether your children will be safe when they go to school, or whether your house will be destroyed or not, or whether your brothers will be exposed to danger or kidnapped by the Israeli army or intelligence services”.

He continued, “When I began my journey, I realized that the country that I thought was my country was actually for other people… I was living in a settlement with a superficial, artificial reality that wasn’t real… Israel was founded on apartheid based on lies”.

The activist described the devastating war launched by Israel on the Gaza Strip since October 7 as extremely aggressive.

In this regard, he added, “The Palestinians who had nothing to do with the event of Hamas attack on the settlements surrounding Gaza on October 7 are paying a heavy price… Israel has been humiliated and is now taking revenge and directing its anger at innocent people and civilians who had nothing to do with the attack”.

Peled pointed out that Western media deliberately condemns the Hamas movement in every publication related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He added, “It’s ridiculous to condemn people who have been persecuted for a long time… Resistance was expected… If we want to eliminate resistance, we must eliminate oppression… Resistance is always a reaction to oppression… Palestinians have lived through more than 75 years of oppression… Their response to violence was mostly unarmed”.

Peled explained that efforts to condemn Hamas weren’t made to draw attention to the civilian casualties in Gaza.

He continued, “If there is anything worthy of condemnation, it is the apartheid regime, the violence and brutality that the Palestinians are exposed to every day, the arrest and killing of thousands of them in the West Bank, and the racism that Israel practices against them”.

He pointed out that it’s not clear how the Israeli-Palestinian conflict will develop, adding, “What is clear without a doubt is that the Israelis won’t be able to defeat the Palestinians… Call it Hamas or anything else… It doesn’t matter to which movement the Palestinians belong; they won’t be defeated”.

He continued, “Israel represents everything that is bad… The call to support Israel will lead to more death, destruction and racism, and this means more loss of innocent lives… This is a war against peace and justice”.

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