Israel Today: Trump calls on Israel to end its war on Gaza


Former US President, Donald Trump called on Israel to end its war on Gaza, saying, “You must end your war”.

He stressed in an interview with the Israel Hayom (Israel Today) newspaper, that Israel must be very careful, “because you are losing a lot from the world and a lot of support”.

In response to a question about the tensions between Israel and the United States due to the war in Gaza, Trump stated that the support that Israel enjoyed in the United States had decreased over the past 15 years.

“We’ve to make peace, and we cannot allow this situation to continue,” the Republican Party candidate said.

This wasn’t the first time that Trump called for an end to the bloody war that Israel is waging in Gaza… Indeed, during an interview with Fox News, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for a quick end to the war on the Gaza Strip.

Trump said about a month ago in response to a question about the message he would like to send to Netanyahu, “You’ve to finish it, do it quickly, and return to the world of peace… We need peace in the world… We need peace in the Middle East”.

He pointed out at the time that Israel must “end the problem”.

Trump holds US President Joe Biden responsible for Hamas attack on October 7th on southern Israel, noting that the Islamic movement committed this attack “because they don’t respect it,” as he put it.

He repeatedly pointed out that “if he had been president, Hamas attack wouldn’t have occurred”.

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