Israel Today: Saudi Arabia impose 4 conditions for normalization with Israel


The Israel Today newspaper quoted a US source confirming that Washington is studying demands raised by Saudi Arabia as conditions for advancing normalization between Saudi Arabia and Israel, noting that there is an Israeli wariness of Saudi-Iranian reconciliation.

Israel Today newspaper stated, in the political arena, they hope that in order to maintain balance in Saudi Arabia’s relations with the great powers.

In addition, it will be concerned in the near future with strengthening its relations with Washington, after China gave its sponsorship to the agreement to resume relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran as it accompanied ending the war in Yemen.

As part of Riyadh’s efforts to strengthen the relationship with Washington, Saudi Arabia sent a letter containing four demands, bearing in mind that the one who acts as a mediator between the two parties is Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, who visited Riyadh two weeks ago and then visited Tel Aviv.

Israel Today newspaper pointed out that Graham confirmed to the US administration that, despite his affiliation with the opponent Republican Party.

He would give support to Biden if he responded to Saudi Arabia’s demands and eventually led to official recognition between KSA and Israel, believing that Biden will subjected to the progressive wing of his party will be criticized if he improves relations with Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Arabia presented four demands in the letter, namely: a defensive alliance, a nuclear program for civilian purposes, improving trade between the two countries, and stopping criticism of the kingdom, according to Israel Today newspaper.

In this regard, the US source confirmed to the Israeli newspaper that Saudi Arabia’s demands, as raised by Senator Graham, are being studied in Washington.

This step is sufficient to last for a few months, noting that the most sensitive issue on the part of Israel is agreeing to develop nuclear capabilities for Saudi Arabia for Civilian purposes; at this stage, it is not clear what the position of Israel on the issue is.

The source pointed out that reaching normalization with Saudi Arabia is the first goal set by Prime Minister Netanyahu for his sixth term of government.

The announcement of the agreement between Saudi Arabia and Iran, under Chinese auspices, to resume diplomatic relations constituted a new bazaar in the raging political dispute between the Israeli government and its opponents.

And at a time when Israel is experiencing an internal division, the former Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett, criticized the current Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the time, saying: “This agreement is an abject failure of the Netanyahu government and stems from a mixture of political neglect with general weakness and internal conflict in the country.

Bennett believed that renewing relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran is a dangerous development for Israel and a political victory for Iran, and that Netanyahu’s government is in resounding economic, political, and security failure, and every day of its rule exposes the State of Israel to danger, calling for the formation of a broad national emergency government.

The Saudi-Iranian agreement is a spit in the face of Israel and a harsh blow to Netanyahu’s efforts to expand the Abraham Accords.

The recent Saudi-Iranian agreement will affect the possibility of normalizing relations between KSA and Israel, as the agreement would draw a new map for the Middle East that might revive the contacts for a new nuclear agreement.

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