Israel Today: 35 thousand tons of weapons have arrived in Israel since October 7


The Israel Today newspaper, revealed that about 35,000 tons of weapons and ammunition, most of them from the United States, have arrived in Israel on board more than 300 planes and about 50 ships, since the outbreak of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip on October 7, 2023.

According to the Israeli newspaper, “A small portion of the shipments came from several countries around the world, but the main supplier was and remains the United States”.

Weapon shipments and clear US support allowed the Israeli army to fight in Gaza during the past five months, while maintaining its readiness for war in the north against Hezbollah in Lebanon.

However, the newspaper added, “Senior security officials are concerned about the possibility of the United States slowing down sending arms shipments to Israel, in light of the growing tension between the two governments over Gaza”.

It quoted unnamed Israeli sources as saying, “Since the beginning of the war, there has been no slowdown in sending arms shipments, but in recent days concerns have increased about their supplies amid harsh disagreements between senior officials in the administration of US President Joe Biden and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu”.

Since the outbreak of the war, Washington has provided Israel with the strongest military, intelligence, and diplomatic support possible, even in light of what appear to be disagreements between Biden and Netanyahu regarding the huge number of civilian casualties, and Tel Aviv’s restrictions on bringing humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip, as well as the future of Gaza after the war.

The sources added, “The United States can ostensibly carry out its business as usual, but in reality, it’s slowing down the sending of shipments by creating numerous bureaucratic obstacles without explicitly saying that it is delaying delivery”.

Israel Today newspaper reported, “The security establishment’s concern has increased in recent days about sending weapons and ammunition, amid what appears to be a shift in the policy of the White House, which is trying to distinguish between its support for Israel and its citizens and its support for the Netanyahu government”.

The dispute between the two parties revolves around several issues, but according to informed sources, the main reason for the escalation in rhetoric is the complete lack of trust between the Biden administration and the Netanyahu government.

Israel’s dependence on the United States isn’t limited to arms shipments only, as it also depends on its support in the United Nations by using its Veto power in the Security Council (against any move to stop the war permanently), and exerting pressure on Qatar and Egypt.

In turn, to pressure Hamas in favor of completing a hostage exchange deal.

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