Israel sells the David’s Sling missile system to Finland


The Israeli Ministry of Defense announced on Wednesday, the sale of the new David’s Sling defense system to Finland.

The Israeli Ministry of Defense reported that the United States had agreed to sell a missile defense system jointly developed by the two countries to Finland, as Tel Aviv received the green light from Washington to sell that defense system.

According to report, Israel will sell the advanced defense system to Finland at a value of $345 million.

The Israeli Raphael company is developing and modernizing that system, in cooperation with the US Raytheon Technologies company.

David’s Sling system designed to intercept advanced threats, including ballistic and cruise missiles, aircraft and drones, and considered to a middle class defense system, between the Iron Dome system, which is intended for the low range, and the Arrows 2 and Arrows 3 systems, which are intended for the long range, such as long-range missiles launched from Iran, which move outside the atmosphere.

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