Israel resumes assassinating scientists from the Middle East

Israel has resumed its campaign of assassinations targeting scientists from the Middle East

Israel’s approach has been systematic.

First it crossed off Iraqi military scientists, then it moved onto Iranian nuclear scientists. Now, the Hebrew State has sponsored the elimination of Dr. Aziz Esber, one of Syria’s leading military scientists.

Doctor Asber was the Deputy Director of Station 4 of the Syrian Center for Research and Scientific Studies.

He was an expert in rockets and missiles.

The American newspaper “The New York Times” has suggested in its issue on Tuesday, that the Israeli intelligence agency “Mossad” behind the assassination of the Syrian scientist Dr. Aziz Esber.

Aziz Esber, director of the scientific research center that was assassinated on Saturday, is one of the most important rocket scientists in Syria, Esper.

The American newspaper said that he was overseeing a project of an arsenal of guided missiles that could be fired very accurately at Israeli cities hundreds of miles away, pointing out that he had all the powers to reach the highest levels in the Syrian and Iranian governments, and the details of their security, indicating that he led a secret unit for the development of weapons called “Sector 4” and was working hard to build an underground weapons factory to replace a factory destroyed by Israel last year.

The New York Times reported that it was the fourth time in at least three years in which Israel assassinated an engineer on foreign soil, a senior Middle East intelligence official confirmed on Monday.

The New York Times said that based on some official saying that the accusations against the Israeli intelligence were based on a good basis, adding that the “Mossad” was tracking Esber for a long time.

The director of the Center for Scientific Research, Aziz Esber, was assassinated in the area of ​​Masyaf, in the countryside of central Syria, in a bombing that targeted his car, killing him and his driver.

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