Israel raises a state of alert in its embassies around the world in anticipation of any Iranian retaliation after its attack on the Iranian consulate in Damascus


The official Israeli Broadcasting Corporation said, on Monday, that Israeli embassies around the world will raise their state of alert, after the assassination of a senior Iranian official in Damascus in an attack attributed to Israel.

The Kann channel, affiliated with the Israeli Broadcasting Corporation, added, “There has already been a state of alert in Israel’s embassies since the outbreak of the war (October 7), but after the assassination of the Iranian official in Damascus (Mohammed Reza Zahedi), the state of alert in those embassies will be raised”.

On Monday, the official Iranian IRNA news agency announced the assassination of the leader of the Revolutionary Guard, Mohammad Reza Zahedi, as a result of the Israeli raid on the consular section building in the Tehran embassy in Damascus.

IRNA quoted Iran’s ambassador to Damascus, Hussein Akbari, as saying, between 5 to 7 people were killed in the missile attack on the consular section of our embassy.

Akbari added, “The embassy building was attacked by F-35 aircraft and 6 missiles”.

According to the Israeli Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper reported that Zahedi is the most senior Iranian military official to be assassinated since the assassination of the former commander of the Quds Force of the Revolutionary Guard, Qassem Soleimani, in a US raid in the vicinity of Baghdad airport in 2020.

In a related context, the New York Times quoted 4 unnamed Israeli officials as saying that Israel is responsible for the attack in Syria in which Zahedi and a number of his companions were killed.

Israeli Army Radio said that the attack on the Syrian capital, Damascus, “didn’t target the Iranian embassy building, but rather a building adjacent to the embassy that served as the military headquarters of the Revolutionary Guard”.

The Israeli Army Radio added, “In other words, whoever destroyed that building may have had accurate information about the military activity that was taking place there”.

Although Israel didn’t claim responsibility for the attack until 19:30 (UTG), Israeli Army Radio said that all those killed in the attack were Iranian soldiers, who carried out military activity there for a long period of time, and no Iranian diplomat was injured in the attack.

The Israeli Army Radio explained that the attack resulted in the killing of Muhammad Reza Zahedi Mahdavi, who was responsible for directing Iranian terrorism towards Israeli territory from all arenas in Lebanon, Syria, and the Palestinian arena.

Israeli Army Radio considered, “It can be estimated that the assassination was carried out as a direct message to Iran about all its actions since last October 7”.

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