Israel: Rafael Company unveils a new defense system anti-helicopters and drones


The Israeli Raphael company for military industries revealed an anti-helicopter and drone system that monitors its targets at a distance of more than 50 km.

The system known as Drone Dome will allow maneuvering units to identify or detect air threats and neutralize them, long before they are exposed to danger.

In addition, it allows the protection of military bases, troop assembly areas and strategic assets such as airports.

Drones and helicopters are now seen as a significant threat to frontline combat units and logistical convoys whose support is critical to ground offensives.

And the greater the detection range, the force protected by the system prepares well for the threat and responds to it, especially when it is able to neutralize the hovercraft or drone from a distance of 50 km.

Raphael company says “We’re talking here about a flexible, modular system that is controlled from a forward command post and can be located or installed on a ground site where the military force is located, or on vehicles and even on ships”.

“From the moment its activated, the system builds a kind of invisible Dome that provides protection at all hours of the day and in any weather”.

“By combining sensors to detect signals and multi-mission optoelectronic radar, the system, from the moment it detects a threat, jams communication leading to loss of control of the hovercraft that poses the threat”.

“Another option is effective laser threat interception against all types of threats”.

Raphael Company concluded in statement, “The new capabilities of the system include various jamming techniques that allow the system to provide comprehensive protection against attacks from varying distances and heights, and the new system is ready for operational use”.

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