Israel prepares Palestinian 300 women prisoners and children in preparation for their release on buses to Gaza


Israeli media reported, Tuesday, that Israel is preparing 300 Palestinians (women and children) to be released on buses to the Gaza Strip.

For its part, CBS news said that there is a prisoner exchange deal, which it described as crystallized between Hamas and Israel through indirect negotiations.

CBS news said that the deal would include the release of 50 Israeli prisoners in exchange for Israeli approval to bring broader humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

CBS pointed out that the deal includes several things, most notably: a temporary cessation of fighting, but it’s still not known for how long, and it will also include the introduction of fuel, according to informed sources.

On the other hand, Israeli Channel 12 reported, “There are large gaps between one report and another regarding the prisoner deal, and what we have in our hands is a draft agreement, and therefore we are cautious in giving details”.

On Tuesday morning, the head of the Hamas political bureau, Ismail Haniyeh, announced that Hamas is close to reaching an agreement on a truce between it and the Israeli occupation in Gaza, adding that the movement has delivered its response to the brothers in Qatar and the mediators.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation previously said, Monday, that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government gave the green light to a prisoner deal with the Palestinian resistance.

For his part, US President Joe Biden said that he believes that reaching an agreement to release some prisoners held by the Palestinian resistance in Gaza is imminent, without providing further details.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad agreed to the terms of the prisoner exchange deal.

According to sources, Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements had agreed to the terms of the exchange deal.

According to the sources, the deal includes a five-day truce that includes a comprehensive ceasefire and a complete cessation of Israeli aircraft flying in the sky.

The Gaza Strip throughout the days of the truce, with the exception of the northern regions, where the Israeli army will stop flights for only six hours a day.

The deal includes the release of 50 prisoners held by the resistance, including settlers and those with foreign nationalities other than soldiers, in exchange for the occupation authorities releasing 300 prisoners, including children and women.

The release will take place in stages, at a rate of ten Israeli prisoners per day compared to 30 Palestinian prisoners, with the remainder being released on the last day.

The agreement also includes the entry of 300 trucks of food, medical and fuel aid to all areas of the Strip.

Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements agreed in principle to the terms of the deal, pointing out that the possibility of changing the terms remains.

According to CNN, one of the sticking points in the negotiations to reach a temporary ceasefire agreement, in exchange for the return of Israeli prisoners, is a demand from Hamas to stop the flights of Israeli reconnaissance drones over the Gaza Strip.

This comes as anger is mounting among Israeli settlers towards their leaders regarding the prisoners held by the resistance in the Gaza Strip, due to procrastination in this issue, so that they are demanding the immediate return of the prisoners.

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