Israel is in panic from Russia

Israel is under state of panic over Russia’s military data and monitoring systems that confirm its military weakness in the confrontation with Syria and Iran and a warning message to approach its targets in the region.

Russia closely monitors all Israeli army movements and meticulously counts the attacks it carries out, a message from Moscow to Israel that all its movements are monitored because of Russian superiority.

Hours after each attack by Israel against military sites in Syria, whether for the Syrian army or against Iranian targets, Russia publishes a list of targeted targets, a list of weapons used and areas fired from.

During the latest attack by Israel against Syrian and Iranian targets in the context of the exchange of missile war between the two sides throughout the week, the Russian Defense Ministry rushed to deploy the number of aircraft used by Israel and the bombing areas.

This process shows the level of advanced technology of Russia as a message to Israel that there is a red line that cannot be exceeded by targeting any Russian targets in Syria, even by mistake.

Russia has deployed sophisticated radar in Syria and its satellites are focused on close surveillance of the atmosphere in the Middle East, capturing Israeli aircraft, a technology that only the United States and Russia have.

Russia is committed to neutrality in the Syrian-Israeli confrontation, despite its military presence in Syrian territory to avoid the fall of the Syrian government and the Syrian president Bashar Assad.

Israel is concerned about statements by the Russian Defense Ministry because it highlights its military weakness.

Israel was unique to the military propaganda by claiming that it had struck, dropped and destroyed targets and benefited from the constant questioning of international public opinion and especially the Arab statements of the Arab regimes that are blowing and lying.

This time, however, Moscow’s data are shown to give accurate field facts.

On top of the military facts revealed by the data, Israeli aircraft bombed Syrian targets from areas far from Syrian airspace, from Lebanese or international airspace because of the geographical proximity of the Syrian territories to the international waters in the Mediterranean Sea.

Israel is moving away from Syrian airspace after Syrian anti-aircraft guns dropped the F-16 in February.

The advanced technology allows fighters, especially the F-15, to target a distance of 200 kilometers.

The Russian Defense Ministry’s data reveals how Israel is used every time to land-to-land or land-to-land missiles to make its aircraft avoid dangers.

Israel is concerned about the Russian statements because it reveals how it moves its air force and places of bombing, which benefits the Syrian defense, and explains why every time Syria intercepts more Israeli missiles, contrary to what happened in the past.

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