A senior researcher at the Israeli Institute for National Security predicted that the Israeli Army might stage a military coup, which would take place in Israel.

The IDF is among top foundations in the Jewish state that declared his strong opposition and stand against the ruling right-wing government coalition that passing the law to weaken the judiciary system, at a time when the Israeli Army Chief of Staff sent a warning message to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

The Dean of the Faculty of Law in Safed and a researcher at the Israeli National Security Institute, Muhammad Watad, said during an interview with the Israeli i24NEWS channel,  that he expects a military coup against the government after the Knesset passed the reasonableness clause, in the event of a clash between the judiciary and the legislature, in the event that the Supreme Court rejects the Knesset decision issued on Monday, which restricts its work.

The Israeli channel quoted Watad as saying, “We’re present at a historical moment,” adding that, “The lack of independence of the Supreme Court means one and clear matter… All army officers in Israel are in danger of being prosecuted before the International Criminal Court in The Hague, which is something that no one wants, and Netanyahu, who is accused of criminal cases, is behaving unreasonably… He is acting illogically based on the criminal cases brought against him”.

It’s noteworthy that former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert commented on the Knesset’s approval of the law weakening the judiciary by saying that Israel is on its way to a civil war, stressing that this threat is very serious, and expected in his statements he made to a British television channel that he meant by civil war, civil disobedience with all potential repercussions on the stability of the state and the ability of the government to perform and the obedience of a large part of the Israeli population to a government that a large part of the population views as illegitimate.

These statements came at a time when the protest movement escalated inside Israel, rejecting the law passed by the ruling Israeli government coalition.

Recently, Israel witnessed massive demonstrations across the country, in rejection of the directions of the Israeli government, also, several units of the Israeli army had announced their opposition, with cases of disobedience witnessed by military units, especially in some reserve units and the medical sector in the Israeli army, in addition to them pilots in the Israeli Air Force, who had announced their refusal to serve in protest against the controversial reforms that the Netanyahu government is implementing.

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