Israel: Egyptian policeman kills three Israeli soldiers at the borders


The Israeli army announce on Saturday, that three soldiers were killed in a security incident that occurred at the Egyptian border, while confirming the neutralization of the “terrorist”, who according to the Israeli media said was an Egyptian policeman.

The circumstances of the incident are still vague, while the Israeli army spokesman, Avichai Adraee, announced that two Israeli soldiers were killed as a result of gunfire during a security incident on the border with Egypt.

Israeli male and female soldiers killed at a shooting near the borders.

The Israeli army is investigating the circumstances of the incident and search operations are conducting in the area.

The Israeli army spokesman pointed out that during a clash and exchange of fire with a terrorist inside Israeli territory, the soldiers and commanders managed to shoot and neutralize him”.

The Israeli media confirmed that the Israeli forces killed an Egyptian policeman during the shooting.

Later, the Israeli army reported that a third soldier was killed and an officer was wounded during the exchange of fire.

The bodies of the Israeli male and female soldier were first found hours after they were killed, later a fire shooting took place following an armed infiltration from what led to his liquidation by the Israeli army.

During the shooting, a third Israeli soldier was killed and a non-commissioned officer was slightly wounded.

The Israeli Army Radio said that forces from the Yamam unit, Sky Rider drones and other forces were dispatched to search the border area with Egypt to rule out the presence of possible another gunman.

Cairo, on the other hand hasn’t issued any official comment so far, but the Israeli army spokesman confirmed that the incident is being investigated in cooperation with the Egyptian army.

The Israeli Army Radio quoted Egyptian sources as saying that the Israeli aircraft bombed sites in the Egyptian Sinai, while according to Israeli sources, the area of ​​which the shooting took place witnessed hours ago the thwarting of a major drug smuggling operation, which included an exchange of fire.

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