Israel: day after the shooting in boarders with Egypt… information talking about a robbery at an army base


On Tuesday, the Israel News 24 website reported that an Israeli report issued by the military spokesman mentioned that a robbery had taken place on an army base and ammunition was stolen from a military.

According to the information revealed that the Israeli police opened an investigation on the matter in cooperation with the military police.

According to the information received, 26,000 bullets and pistols were stolen from the warehouse of the Israeli army.

It’s noteworthy that last year, an Israeli report indicated that a theft took place at a military base, where 30,000 weapons were lost near the city of Beersheba.

An official in the Israeli army said at the time, according to the same information, that the theft was organized as a military operation, pointing to his concern that the thieves succeeded in entering the base, locating the ammunition cache, and breaking out the windows without anyone noticing.

The Israeli army has for years faced robberies of its military bases, and it fears that the stolen ammunition will be used in future hostilities.

At a time when the Israeli forces are facing a number of security and military challenges, they are making intelligence efforts to thwart Palestinian attempts to carry out more commando operations in the West Bank, with an Israeli admission that these efforts cannot succeed if they remain in the military field, especially since the recent operation, which resulted in the death of a settler, is one of the manifestations of the limitations of Israeli power.

General Yossi Kuperwasser, former head of the Research Division of the Military Intelligence Service – AMAN, pointed out that “the essence of the current Israeli strategy lies in the implementation of more continuous intelligence and operational efforts, which is manifested in short forays into Palestinian cities to target the resistance’s infrastructure even before the militants go out to carry out their operations, and arrest the executors, if they were able to implement them, including arresting hundreds of them, thwarting dozens of operations, and diligently implementing the policy of demolishing homes, claiming that it creates a deterrent force”.

Since the beginning of 2023, 23 settlers and soldiers have been killed, and to study the possibility of adopting a different policy, the motives of the armed elements must be understood, and their additional options that have not been used so far, including struggle, must be understood.

These news are coming at a time of the shooting that took place three days ago at the boarders with Egypt, when an Egyptian policeman killed by Israeli forces after he shot dead three Israeli soldiers in a controversial incident which is still under investigation.

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