Iran proposed what it called an action plan aimed at the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Syria, with Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian stressing the need for Damascus and Ankara to agree in the upcoming quadripartite session.

The Iranian Foreign Minister said that Iran proposed to Syria and Türkiye an action plan regarding the withdrawal of Turkish forces from Syrian territory, explaining that his country proposed that Damascus and Ankara agree in the next quadripartite meeting that Türkiye would first pledge to withdrawal its military forces from Syria.

Abdullahian added, “Our proposal also stipulated that Syria should pledge again to place its forces on the border to prevent any attack on Turkish lands”.

He also said that his country had also proposed to Damascus and Ankara that Iran and Russia would be guarantors for both parties.

The Iranian Foreign Minister pointed out that foreign spy services are seeking to return terrorist groups to the east of the Euphrates and Idlib.

The quadripartite meeting of the assistant foreign ministers of Syria, Russia, Iran, and Türkiye was held more than once this year, at the Guest Palace of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Moscow, to discuss reconciling views between Ankara and Damascus.

Last December, Russia hosted the first talks between the Turkish and Syrian defense ministers since the outbreak of the war on Syria in 2011, and the resulting tension in relations between the two neighbors, during which the participants discussed ways to solve the Syrian crisis, the refugee problem, and joint efforts to combat terrorism in Syria.

Damascus requests Turkish guarantees to withdraw from its lands before any political meeting that brings the two parties to one negotiating table.

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