Hungry Prime minister: Trump told me that he won’t give a single penny to Ukraine


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said that former US President Donald Trump told him of his intention to cut US military aid to Ukraine in order to resolve the conflict with Russia.

Orban stated during an interview with an official media outlet in Hungary, “M1,” that Trump told him that he “wouldn’t give a penny” to finance the war in Ukraine, noting that Kiev would then “not be able to stand on its feet”.

Following these statements, NBC News contacted the Trump campaign team, which refused to comment on these statements.

Orban pointed out during the interview, “Trump has a clear vision and it is difficult to disagree with him”.

He says, “First and foremost, he won’t give a single penny to finance the war in Ukraine… That is why the war will end, because it’s clear that Ukraine cannot stand on its own two feet”.

He continues, saying, “If the Americans don’t provide money and weapons, along with the Europeans, the war will end… If the Americans don’t provide money, the Europeans alone won’t be able to finance this war, and then the war will end”.

Trump has repeatedly stressed that the conflict would never have happened under his leadership.

Commenting on these statements, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba said on Tuesday that his country isn’t afraid of Trump reaching the White House again.

In February, Trump said that no foreign aid should be provided to any country except through loans, without mentioning Ukraine.

Orban’s comments come after he visited Trump at his home in Mar-a-Lago last Friday.

The former president told those present at his club, “Palm Beach,” that “there is no one better or smarter than Viktor Orban”.

As leader of Hungary, Orban has largely criticized the provision of aid, including arms, to Ukraine.

This interview came in conjunction with the United States’ announcement that it would supply Ukraine with additional weapons worth $300 million.

A senior Defense Department official said the package represents a “one-time opportunity” — unless Congress passes a stalled supplemental spending bill that includes nearly $60 billion in military aid to Ukraine.

The official said it’s expected to include anti-aircraft missiles and artillery shells, and armored systems.

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