Hezbollah launches about 100 missiles towards the Galilee and the Golan heights


Israeli media confirmed that Hezbollah fired dozens of rocket shells towards the Galilee and the Golan, this Tuesday morning.

The Israeli media added that about 100 rocket shells were fired at Israel, saying that it was the heaviest shell since the start of the war in Gaza, and one of the shells included 30 rockets.

The Regional Council in the Upper Galilee said, “Curved-track missiles were launched towards the Golan Heights, followed by the launching of another series of missiles from Lebanon towards the Golan Heights, but without activating the sirens”.

In the same context, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq announced, at dawn on Tuesday, the targeting of the Israeli Ben Gurion Airport, “in completion of the second phase of operations to confront the Israeli occupation”.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq said in a statement, “The Mujahideen of the Islamic Resistance in Iraq targeted Ben Gurion Airport, deep within the usurping entity, using drones”.

The statement confirmed that the Iraqi resistance is continuing to destroy enemy strongholds, in completion of the second phase of its operations in support of Gaza, and in response to the Israeli massacres against Palestinian civilians.

A few days ago, the Islamic Resistance in Iraq carried out a series of attacks, the most prominent of which were: targeting oil refineries in occupied Haifa with drones, and also targeting an Israeli information base, north of the occupied Syrian Golan, and also targeting a military barracks at Rosh Pina Airport.

Earlier, the Iraqi Islamic Resistance confirmed that it had undertaken to achieve two goals: liberating Iraq from the American occupation, and supporting occupied Palestine in its sacred battle against the Israeli occupation.

It stressed that it will continue its operations against the Israeli settlements, until the declaration of a truce in the Gaza Strip and the occupation’s commitment to it, explaining that its fighters will remain fully prepared during that period, as “if the Zionist entity returns to its crimes, we will return”.

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