The American journalist, Seymour Hersh, linked the attacks on the Nord Stream gas pipelines to the possible American anger or punishment against German Chancellor Olaf Scholz due to Berlin’s unwillingness to provide Kiev earlier with more military aid.

Hersh said in an interview with the China Daily newspaper, that “the only thing that I can deduce, I can think and assume, and those associated with them think the same way, the President United States, Joe Biden was afraid that Chancellor Scholz didn’t want to provide more weapons, and that’s it… I don’t know if it was anger or punishment, and the end result is cutting off a major energy source for Western Europe”.

“I think the people who were originally asked to do the job were asked to do so in 2021, before Christmas, by President Biden’s national security advisor, Jake Sullivan, and one of the options was to blow up the pipelines,” he added.

In September 2022, explosions occurred on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines, through which Russian gas flowed to Europe.

Germany, Denmark and Sweden didn’t rule out the occurrence of targeted sabotage, and these countries are conducting investigations, but they haven’t reached any results yet.

Russian President Vladimir Putin described the state of emergency as a clear terrorist attack.

Later, German investigators admitted that representatives of a Western country might be behind the gas pipeline explosions.

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