Hamas rejected a US-Israeli proposal for a ceasefire in the Gaza Strip


On Wednesday, the Israeli Channel 13 revealed a new US-Israeli proposal stipulating Israel’s withdrawal from residential areas, allowing the return of residents to the northern Gaza Strip, and the entry of humanitarian aid and medicines.

According to the proposal, in the first phase, Israel will withdraw from populated areas, and at the same time more medical equipment will enter the Strip.

In the second stage, Hamas will release the women and soldiers and hand over the Israeli bodies, after which the Israeli army will prepare to draw new lines (a buffer zone) in the Gaza Strip, and talk about the day after the war, while Israel will implement a ceasefire.

In the third phase, which is a particularly problematic phase for Israel, it will include the release of men and soldiers, in exchange for Israel releasing Palestinian prisoners, the withdrawal of the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip and reaching a comprehensive ceasefire.

According to the Israeli Channel 13, Hamas rejected the proposal, which included a new exchange deal before the ceasefire.

Last Thursday, Israeli media reported that Israel announced its readiness to conclude a truce with Hamas for two weeks in the Gaza Strip, in exchange for the release of dozens of detainees in the Strip, but the movement rejected the proposal.

CNN reported that the Israeli government presented a new offer to Hamas, stipulating a cessation of fighting in the Gaza Strip for a week in exchange for the release of 35 hostages.

According to a US official, this group includes the three elderly men who were captured from Kibbutz “Nir Oz” near the Gaza border and who recently appeared in a video broadcast by the Qassam Brigades, during which they called for action to secure their release.

For his part, Hamas leader Osama Hamdan in Lebanon confirmed that Hamas had received initiatives and proposals from several countries regarding organizing negotiations with Israel regarding the exchange of prisoners and detainees in Gaza.

Hamdan stressed once again that Hamas’ priority remains ending the aggression against the Palestinian people, explaining that the Palestinians aren’t waiting for a temporary truce, but rather a complete cessation of hostilities.

Hamdan, who is a member of the Hamas political bureau, said, “Hamas won’t release the remaining prisoners until Israel stops its aggression against Gaza”.

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