Haaretz: Two problems Netanyahu will face if he decides to continue the war


It seems that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is heading towards completing the war on the Gaza Strip, amid a decline in popular support, which was initially strengthened, but has now become the focus of Israeli suspicions and anxiety.

The Israeli Haaretz newspaper said that the operations of the Israeli army in Gaza may be prolonged, especially since the northern Gaza Strip witnessed fierce battles that were longer than what the army commanders expected, and in the south, progress is slow and cautious due to the network of deep tunnels of the Palestinian factions, and it confirmed that defeating any Hamas unit isn’t an easy task, as two or three of its members can meet with an Israeli army force suddenly, and this is what causes casualties among soldiers.

Haaretz pointed out that, Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu will face several problems in the next phase of continuing the fighting:

First, he will find it difficult to explain the war objectives to people, if he doesn’t achieve clear success on the ground.

The second problem is that the gradual transition in the fighting requires great material and logistical preparation on the ground, and there are no indicators, however, the government and the army are seriously preparing for such a stage within weeks, with only marginal preparations being made.

US President Joe Biden called on Netanyahu a few days ago to change his course in the war on Gaza, for fear of risking losing global support.

The United States believes that it needs to change the government in Israel, because it doesn’t prefer a right-wing government, which is the most extreme in history of the state of Israel, that rejects the two-state solution.

Finally, the Israeli public opinion got furious, after the Israeli army killed by mistake, three Israeli prisoners a few days ago in the Shujaiya neighborhood, east of Gaza City, the incident which increased the pressure on Netanyahu, as he continued to reject international calls for a ceasefire.

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