Haaretz: Netanyahu… Man of devastation… Leave!


The Israeli Haaretz newspaper said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has become a burden on Israel, and he must resign after exposing him to strategic dangers and threatening its deep alliance with the United States, which chose for the first time since the start of the war not to oppose a draft resolution for an immediate ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.

In an editorial titled “The Man of Destruction Has Become a Burden on Israel,” Haaretz wrote sarcastically that Netanyahu could add to his spotless record of failure another crisis with his closest ally, who did everything to support Israel since the beginning of the war, before his supportive position in the Security Council was reversed.

Haaretz said, Netanyahu, and instead of resigning due to his reckless policy, admitting his failure, changing his behavior with the US ally, and apologizing to the Israelis for the “political tsunami” that inflicted on Israel on the October 7 disaster, he chose to move forward in challenging and insulting the United States.

Haaretz said that Netanyahu not only canceled the visit of a high-ranking Israeli delegation to Washington, but also accused the latter of retreating from its firm position in support of Israel, and of harming the war effort and efforts to rescue Israeli prisoners.

He even almost accused it of supporting terrorism.

Haaretz’s editorial highlighted the deepening differences within Netanyahu’s government due to the position on the relationship with Washington, and recalled Benny Gantz’s support for the Israeli delegation’s travel, and he even advised Netanyahu to personally fly to Washington to meet US President Joe Biden and members of his administration.

According to Haaretz, Netanyahu committed a crime against himself, as Washington has repeatedly made it clear that its patience is running out, especially with the escalation of tension due to preparations for a major operation in Rafah, which is what senior officials, including Vice President Kamala Harris and Secretary of State Antony Blinken, warned against.

However, Netanyahu’s ministers continued to disparage Washington’s support, and Netanyahu didn’t hesitate to declare that Israel would enter Rafah without American approval if necessary, as if Israel didn’t depend on the United States’ support and military aid, and on the iron diplomatic dome it provides.

Finally, Haaretz expressed its hope that Gideon Sa’ar’s resignation from the emergency government would hasten the fall of Netanyahu’s government, which it recommended to step down quickly, in the hope that his departure would give Israel an opportunity to repair the great damage he caused, saying that he had become a burden on Israel after exposing him to strategic dangers whose cost could be very high.

Netanyahu harmed the Israelis to save himself politically.

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