The Israeli Haaretz newspaper published an article discuss the fact that Israel must change its relationship with the Palestinians if it wants to live.

According to the article, the Israeli government spent 4 billion shekels (more than one billion US dollars) on building underground barriers around Gaza, with the aim of preventing Hamas attacks through tunnels.

The Israeli government had put up two fences; The first after the Oslo Accords, and the second after the separation of the Gaza Strip from the West Bank.

Its height is 6 meters, and its completion was completed with an underground barrier in the year 2021.

The Israeli security services also installed an advanced surveillance system on the border with Gaza, equipped with cameras and a machine gun that fires remotely as soon as the target is seen, in 2019.

Israel also built barriers in the sea to prevent infiltration, made of stones and iron bars erected underwater.

Israel imposed a siege on the 2.5 million residents of the Gaza Strip for approximately 16 years, preventing ships from reaching or sailing from the coast of the Gaza Strip, and planes were prohibited from landing or taking off from it.

Over the past 16 years, Israel has launched repeated military operations, pursued a policy of assassinations, and is the one that decides what goods are allowed to enter the Gaza Strip and what is prohibited from entering.

Finally, and whether Israel aimed to punish Hamas or to continue to distinguish between Gaza and the West Bank in order to perpetuate the division between Hamas and Fatah, it never thought about changing its policy towards the Strip.

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