Global Times: The Ukrainian crisis has turned into a war of attrition between the West and Russia


The Chinese Global Times newspaper, posted an article which study the current situation between the West and Russia in Ukraine and the position of China in the equation.

The Chinese newspaper remarked that the current situation cannot be seen as a struggle between Moscow and Kiev, as it has long become a war of attrition between the West and Russia, the latter not only standing strong, but also succeeding and advancing.

The West is so afraid that if Russia alone is difficult to deal with, what will happen if China really begins to support it militarily?

According to the Chinese newspaper, the United States has repeatedly said that China is preparing to provide Russia with lethal military assistance in the ongoing special operation in Ukraine, noting that this should arouse Western public opinion to increase pressure on Beijing, but it firmly rejects all attacks from Washington.

The United States is making preemptive accusations to prevent China from participating in the conflict.

The Russian special operation in Ukraine has been going on for more than a year, and by all accounts of the West, by this time, Russia should have already collapsed.

They never expected that Russia will manage not only to stand strong, but would also succeed and progress.

It became clear that the situation could no longer be considered a conflict between Russia and Ukraine, as it had long since become a war of attrition between Russia and the West.

The defeat of Russia by the United States and other Western countries turned out to be much more difficult than expected.

The US and the West in general knows very well that Beijing didn’t provide military assistance to Moscow, and there is a question that haunts them: If Russia alone is difficult to deal with now, what will happen if China really begins to support it militarily?

The West clearly has problems with tactics, and wants to keep prolonging the conflict until Russia collapses on its own.

But what if its army goes on the offensive in the spring and drives all Ukrainian forces out of Donbas?

This won’t only be a defeat for Ukraine, but also a humiliation for the entire West, led by the United States.

However, if new military aid reaches Kiev in time to help Ukrainian soldiers resist the Russians, Moscow may lose patience and use nuclear weapons.

The Global Times concluded the article by saying: “In this case, the entire image can be erased and rewritten… Indeed, many in the West, including the US government, are worried about this issue, but they seem unable to take stock of everything and remember that helping Ukrainian forces achieve victory isn’t the end, but the watershed”.

“So, better listen to China, while the situation has reached an impasse, but there is still room for maneuver, negotiations to end the conflict should be initiated at an early date for the benefit of the world”.

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