Germany: Risk of gas shortage in during next winter


The head of the German Federal Agency for Networks, Klaus Mueller, announced that German companies and households may face a shortage of gas during the coming winter, which requires a further reduction in consumption.

Mueller pointed out that the heavy dependence on Russian gas and the recovery of the Chinese economy, which led to an increase in the demand for gas, pose a risk of a shortage of gas.

Mueller added that Germany will face the first winter without Russian gas through pipelines, and that the solution lies in providing various sources of gas and reducing its consumption.

It’s for this reason that Mueller called for the filling of underground gas tanks in Europe in the spring and summer of this year.

Germany is among the European countries that plan to stop buying Russian gas, and the authorities are working to build five floating terminals for liquefied natural gas.

The European Union is also discussing the possibility of joint gas purchase, and more than 50 companies from all over the world are interested in cooperating with the European Union in this mechanism.

These steps come in light of Western sanctions against Russia and Europe’s efforts to give up Russian gas, as Moscow announced its intention to head east to increase liquefied gas supplies and implement a project to build a new pipeline.

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