Germany cancels a conference with the Arab League because of Syria’s participation in it!


The German government canceled a conference that was scheduled to take place on June 20, between the European Union and the League of Arab States, due to the participation of the Syrian Foreign Minister within the League.

The German ambassador in Cairo, Frank Hartmann, said that his country respects the Arab League’s decision to return Syria, but at the same time, his government still does not see a basis for normalizing relations with it.

He added that nothing happened with the United Nations resolution on Syria, which stresses the need for the government to improve the situation inside Syria and return the refugees.

He stressed that it’s possible to end up with a bilateral meeting between the Secretary-General of the League and the European Commission’s foreign affairs official, to reach a formula to complete the dialogue without the Syrian foreign minister being an obstacle.

The German Special Envoy to Syria, Stefan Schneck, has previously confirmed that Germany and the European Union won’t normalize relations with Syria, or lift sanctions against it, expressing readiness to engage in a step-by-step initiative.

He added, “We’re ready to engage in a step-by-step process, facilitated by the United Nations, to achieve progress in Syria”.

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