Germany: An extremist group claims responsibility for the attack on the Tesla factory!


A group classified in Germany as a left-wing extremist group claimed responsibility for launching an attack on the energy supplies at the Tesla factory near the German capital, Berlin, indicating that what it carried out was an act of protest against the US car manufacturer.

“We sabotaged Tesla today,” Vulcan Group wrote in a letter on Tuesday.

The burning of an electricity tower caused a major power outage in the area near the factory, in the early hours of this morning.

Production stopped at Tesla’s only factory in Europe, which is located in the Grünheide area, and was evacuated; Many families in the area were also affected by this incident.

The police currently assume an intentional act of sabotage, and the State Security Division of the Crime Office in the state of Brandenburg (where the factory is located) has begun investigating the incident.

The group was already suspected of carrying out a deliberate sabotage attack on the power supply of Tesla’s construction site in 2021, as the group accused Tesla at the time of being neither green, environmental nor social, the group wrote on the left-wing activist website

The Brandenburg state intelligence agency wrote at the time that left-wing extremists, known as volcano group, had carried out deliberate sabotage attacks by setting fires in Berlin several times in recent years.

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