A court order in the German city of Munich ruled on Friday that intelligence services in the southern state of Bavaria can legally monitor the activities of the far-right Alternative for Germany party and report them to public opinion.

The decision of the Administrative Court in Bavaria was issued more than three weeks before the elections scheduled for the state on October 8.

The German’s Internal Intelligence Service, which is referred to as the Office for Constitution Protection, in the state of Bavaria, decided last June to monitor the activities of the Alternative for Germany party in general, using public and intelligence sources.

The agency justified its decision on the basis of the need to ascertain the influence of extremist trends within the party, as well as the need to monitor the party’s political orientations.

The AfD party branch in Bavaria filed an urgent lawsuit against the decision to allow the authorities to monitor and report on its activities, citing the principle of equal opportunities between political parties.

In the merits of its ruling, the court indicated the presence of “fantasies about overthrowing the government” among members of the Bavarian branch of the party, and also stated that there are many indicators that the party’s general policies harm the dignity of Muslims.

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