German newspaper protests against the Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin


The editor-in-chief and publisher of the German Berliner Zeitung newspaper strongly protested against statements made by the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany, Oleksiy Makeyev, who harshly criticize the newspaper’s journalists.

Makeyev personally attacked the newspaper’s editors, Tuesday, in a post on X” website, wondering, among other things, whether “Berliner Zeitung” was now on its way to becoming “Radio Moscow”.

The editor-in-chief and the publisher announced that they strongly oppose personal defamation of colleagues in the newspaper.

Their statement said, “We consider the completely unprovoked attacks against named editors and writers to be an attempt at intimidation, and therefore a violation of freedom of the press; We’re astonished by these missteps, because as of the date of publication of this post on X, there hasn’t been a single direct complaint; From the Ambassador to the editorial team of the Berliner Zeitung; We expect the Ukrainian ambassador to respect freedom of the press in a European democratic state”.

In this post, Makeyev criticized, among other things, the fact that the newspaper “Berliner Zeitung” had become an employer of former employees of Russian state media after the start of the Russian war against Ukraine, adding that the German newspaper regularly associated his name in publications that included articles that even the Russian embassy was happy to share, Where my process of truth and reality about “Russia’s war of aggression” takes place.

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