German military expert: The war in Ukraine won’t be ending this year


A German military expert Carlo Massala indicate that it’s unlikely that the Russian war in Ukraine will end during this year.

It’s noteworthy that Masala is a professor of international politics at the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of the German Army University in Munich.

In statements to the German newspaper Augsburger Allgemeine published on Saturday, Masala said, “I don’t see an end to this war in 2024… There is nothing that can give us hope”.

Masala added, “Ukraine won’t find peace because Russia still believes that it can win this war,” noting that the element of time is increasingly playing in favor of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Masala expressed his belief that “The War in Ukraine entered a few days ago its third year, and Vladimir Putin has good cards, we cannot say anything else”.

He explained, “Putin’s strategy is based on the fact that the West will become exhausted at some point and that democratic societies won’t tolerate such conflicts for a long time… It seems he’s right,” Masala spoke about the lack of ammunition that Ukrainian soldiers are currently suffering from on the front, which makes them unable to repel Russian forces.

Masala continued, however, that he noticed that the impact of the war was increasingly shifting towards Russia, and “as a result, the seed of resistance within the people began to grow”.

The fact that many of Moscow’s heating systems have broken down and that people have to endure the extreme cold because money is going to war will alone lead to the beginning of doubts about the feasibility of these battles, among at least part of the Russians”.

Masala pointed out that this thing had not been noticed in the past two years, and said, “Putin was skilled at keeping this war away from the Russian majority”.

Masala believed that the West was also prolonging the war.

“It extended the war on the one hand, as it made Ukraine able to defend itself, but it didn’t move forward in this role in a way that would make Ukraine able to break the Russian logic, which still assumes that Moscow can win in “This war has more than you can lose”.

Masala went on to say that the West thus extended the war in a positive and negative way at the same time, and Masala ruled out that there would be any movement in this war before the US presidential elections scheduled for next November.

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