German Chancellor: Germany will continue provide military support to Ukraine


The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said on Monday that his country would continue its military support to Ukraine.

This came in a joint press conference with Bhutanese Prime Minister Lutay Tshering in Berlin, where he pointed out to Russia’s continuation of the war it’s waging against Ukraine.

Scholz pointed out that Russia is assembling new units and sending them to the front, and stressed that it’s not possible to talk about negotiations under these circumstances.

He added, “We’ll continue to provide military support to Ukraine… What we are doing now aims to change the situation and make a just peace possible for Ukraine”.

The German Chancellor pointed out that Ukraine is ready for peace, but that it won’t be a peace imposed by force.

“You can’t negotiate when someone holds a gun to your head, but the Russian president still intends to do that,” he explained.

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