German armed forces commander calls for strengthening missile defense against potential threats from Russia


The Commander of Germany’s Armed Forces, Inspector General Carsten Breuer, called for strengthening missile defense against potential threats from Russia.

“We’ve between five and eight years,” Breuer told the German local Funke Mediengruppe newspaper on Friday.

Breuer added, “We must establish a missile defense system within that period, there is no alternative… We believe that Russia will be able to wage war against NATO within five to eight years; Until then, we must be in a position in Germany to repel an attack”.

He said that Russian President Vladimir Putin doesn’t hide his intentions towards the West, and explained that launching an attack on a Western country is considered the worst scenario only now.

However, it can happen “across the entire spectrum, from cyberattacks to drone and missile attacks”.

Breuer rejected statements issued in Germany regarding allowing a frozen conflict in Ukraine, as he stated that, “Freezing the war requires agreement on both sides… There is hardly any frozen conflict in the world that hasn’t exploded again”.

This still represents a group of issues, such as the issue of modernizing the German army’s armament, the controversy over increasing the German army’s armament budget, and the issue of restoring compulsory conscription service in the country, at the forefront of the issues that are witnessing political and social tension in the country, with the continuing war in Ukraine, and the decision of the German Bundestag, which apparently resolved the issue of not supplying German long-range Taurus missiles to Ukraine.

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