French Foreign Minister: Trump wants to destabilize Europe!

In the light of the commercial war raging between the United States and the European Union along with the outcome of NATO meeting and the stormy meeting between the leaders of European countries and US President Donald Trump, French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that US President Donald Trump is destabilizing Europe through initiatives towards it but Europe will not Allow it.

“Trump is taking initiatives towards Europe, especially in the commercial sphere, with the aim of destabilizing it, but Europe will not allow that”.

Le Drian told Monte Carlo radio and PfMTV.

“If they decide tomorrow the same thing about cars as they did for steel and aluminum, It will respond in the same way”.

“Trump” doesn’t support the fact that there is a group called the European Union that is characterized by solidarity and determination”, Le Drian said.

Trump threatens to impose a 20 percent customs tax on cars imported from the European Union, while France stresses the need for the union to remain united in the face of these threats.

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