Former CIA analyst Larry Johnson said that the Ukrainian forces may turn against Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and launch an uprising against him.

Johnson answered in an interview on YouTube, in response to the broadcaster’s question about whether the scenario of a coup by the Ukrainian forces against Zelensky should be expected, saying: “I expect a similar scenario to occur, and I am surprised that it hasn’t happened yet”.

Johnson added that Zelensky failed to become a strong political figure inside the country, noting that his election campaign was based on lies.

Zelensky pledged to make peace with Russia, and despite that, he caused the crisis to escalate further.

Johnson pointed out that Ukrainian opinion polls show that the majority of Ukrainians oppose Zelensky, indicating that this is due to the ongoing crisis, which has caused it to escalate to dangerous levels.

Johnson concluded that the Ukrainians don’t want to continue combat operations and lose more lives, saying: “I don’t see great enthusiasm in Ukraine to continue military operations and continue losing people”.

Earlier, Russian Defense reported that the Ukrainian army, which has been making failed attack attempts since June 4, lost more than 43,000 soldiers and about 5,000 pieces of various weapons in two months, including 26 aircraft and 25 Leopard tanks.

The Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed that the Ukrainian forces aren’t successful on any axis.

In recent weeks, US media reports have begun to report that Kiev has repeatedly ignored the advice provided to it by the United States regarding combat operations, which has raised strong dissatisfaction on the US side, and that US officials are directing increasing criticism of the counter-attack strategy adopted by the Ukrainian army, and they feel pessimistic about its prospects for success.

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