Former Israeli official: Our government is lying and failing


Former Deputy Chairman of the Israeli National Security Council, Eran Etzion, confirmed that Benjamin Netanyahu’s government is “lying,” as “there are no military solutions to the problems of the Israelis, neither in the north nor in the south”.

Etzion added, in a statement to the Israeli channel 13, that “it isn’t a coincidence that the government didn’t solve the Hamas problem in the Gaza Strip after five months of war,” explaining that “it created unrealistic expectations for the battle in the south, and continues to do so regarding the northern front”.

He pointed out that this was due to “the government’s failed management,” and also linked to its refusal to talk about the next day, and its lack of cooperation with the Americans, stressing that “no change will occur, even if the fighting continues for a year in this way, and even in the most optimistic circumstances, and the government knows that”.

He commented, stressing, “There are no short wars, neither in the north nor in the south, and there are no purely military solutions to our problems, neither in the north nor in the south,” pointing out that “the Israeli public must realize this and wake up from its expectations,” and that the government must stop Lying to the public”.

Israeli media had previously confirmed that no one is deceiving themselves that “Israel is capable of dismantling Hezbollah”.

Political affairs analyst for the Israeli Channel 13, Rafif Drucker, stated that the occupation army “is now unable to invade Lebanon and establish a belt up to the Litani River, or remove all Hezbollah elements from the border,” and added, “We’ve woken up from this dream, unfortunately”.

Drucker pointed out that “Israel is unable to remove Hezbollah beyond the Litani, and ensure that it doesn’t return,” stressing that “what is happening in Gaza is evidence of that,” and also pointing out that “Israel’s future isn’t rosy”.

As for the battle in the south, the New York Times quoted US officials as saying that the majority of the Hamas tunnel network remains intact, and that Israel won’t be able to achieve its goal of eliminating the military capacity of the Hamas movement.

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