Foreign Policy: The next NATO meeting won’t bring good news for Ukraine


The Foreign Policy reported, on Friday, that the meeting of the Western allies at the NATO summit in July at the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius won’t bring good news to Ukraine.

Kiev will come out with nostalgia after this NATO summit, at Lithuanian capital.

According to the Foreign Policy, Kiev won’t be invited to join NATO at the alliance’s annual summit next month in Vilnius, and even, there is no time frame will be set for this accession.

The spread of rumors in Brussels stating that the unwillingness to accept Ukraine into NATO is linked to the risks of escalation in the confrontation with Russia.

Likewise, Foreign Policy noted that there is a clear sense that the major NATO members still prefer to operate with caution.

There appears to be a broad consensus among NATO countries, including even some of the Baltic States, to delay Ukraine’s invitation to full membership.

For his part, Robert Hunter, the former permanent US representative to NATO, said in an article for the Responsible Statecraft newspaper that the West should abandon the promise of former US President George W. Bush to accept Ukraine’s accession to NATO.

He added that during the next NATO summit in Vilnius in July, the United States should start backing away from its promise to accept Ukraine’s accession to the alliance, or at least it should procrastinate on that.

Hunter believes that accepting Ukraine into NATO could lead to a full-scale war with Russia.

According to him, this very logic restrains the efforts of some countries to accept Ukraine into the alliance, despite Volodymyr Zelensky’s requests in this regard.

A few days ago, the Deputy Secretary-General of NATO, Mircia Giuana, announced that there is currently no consensus within the alliance on Ukraine’s accession to membership in the alliance.

Zelensky had said earlier that Kiev hopes to receive a clear invitation to the alliance at the NATO summit in July in Vilnius, noting that the Ukrainian forces are disappointed because Ukraine hasn’t yet received a clear positive response about its accession to the European Union, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

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